How to get to One income living the best way?
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    Default How to get to One income living the best way?

    Right now my DH works full time and I work part time (20-30 hours per week). We have two kids (5 and 2 1/2) and I am expecting our third baby
    So from march and on I will be a SAHM!! I am very happy looking forward to this but I am also very worried about our economy.
    My question to you is.. how did you do it??? What did you do in order to be able to make it on one income??
    We have no debt besides our house morgage and no expences for child care from march and on. (Right now child care is not expensive here anyway, so it is not an issue.
    We are quite frugal already. We have dealt with energy costs, other utilities, insurance, the car (only have one..) and I am struggeling with the grocery costs. So what else could we do??
    We need to cut my intire income from our budget. My income is about 1000 - 1200 US dollars per month...

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    When I did this in April 2003 I figured our budget on just his income, then I started stockpiling groceries and diapers.

    Are you planning to breastfeed? If not sign up with the formula companies for formula "checks". There are other ways to save on formula too.

    Will you qualify for WIC? You can apply now. This is one instance in which your unborn baby counts as a person.

    Is there a CVS near you? Did you know that if you buy 5 packs of their diapers with your card, you get a coupon for a free pack? This is a great deal combined with a B1G1 sale! They are the same diapers as the Sam's and TRU brand.

    Make your own baby wipes. It's not as bad as it sounds and will save you TONS!

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    When I got pregnant, I decided that I wanted to be a sahm. Here are some of the things I did to prepare:

    *started paying down some debt
    *what I read on the internet about being frugal, that I couldn't do because of a lack of time, I made a list of for when I became a sahm (cooking from scratch,e tc)
    *became as frugal as possible in order to save as much of my check as I could (you gotta look at it this way-you're not going to have any of that paycheck, so better save as much as you can while you can)
    *began tracking our expenses, and by doing so, I saw that we spent a lot of money because I worked (convience foods, eating out, etc)
    *started my stockpile (need to get back to this)

    Good luck!

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    My one piece of advice - if you can put your income from here on in into an emergency fund (or has much as possible). You will then have something to fall back on after you quit work.

    ~cut back in every area possible
    ~learn how to cook from scratch
    ~keep your spending at nil if possible

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    I agree with CJ put all your income into savings then you have some saved plus you will get accustomed to living on one income. I personally find it fun and rewarding to set a low grocery budget and challenge myself to it. There a lot of great resources here at the frugal village so have a seat and look around.

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