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    when my son was born (16 1/2 yrs ago), my dh and i decided that i would be the one to stay home and take care of our children (we also had an 8 yr dd)... i cleaned houses, mowed lawns, cleaned windows, babysat, had a typing service... i put an ad out in our local penny saver (its a weekly newspaper that has things for sale, animals, etc...)... at the time, the town we live in (we have lived in this area for almost 20 years) didnt have a big population (roughly about 40,000 at that time)... i also sold newspaper subscriptions door to door (i got paid $5 for each subscription and i would make something crafty as a thank you gift for taking the subscription, spending no more than $1 leaving me with a $4 profit)... i delivered newspapers and i also delivered pizza's... most of these you can take your son with you and if you delivered newspapers, your husband can watch the children for you bc it is in the middle of the nite (not a glamorous job but it did help us get out of $30,000 worth of debt and buy a very nice house on 2 acres of land (unfortunately, we lost our home due to the 2004 hurricanes but we are all alive and well and that is all that matters)...
    talk to your local newspaper carrier, i know the carrier's always can use some help with the sunday papers... it isnt a whole lot but maybe you can make enuff to help with the groceries...
    i hope this helps... i know how hard it is being with young children and in another state (esp away from family)... you can get certified through the county for your childcare business (that is how it is here)...
    now, i work from home telecommuting... if you would like, email me and i will tell you exactly where to go for different jobs online... in the "for line" make sure you put your name (littlemotherhaywood) and "frugal site"... i normally delete anything that comes in my email that i am not sure who it is from...
    my daughter still delivers newspapers and pizza's and goes to college and my son works one night a week helping other carrier's with their sunday papers...
    my husband is currently disabled, due to an amputation from diabetes... so, he is recovering at this moment... i work at home telecommuting, help my daughter with her sunday papers and i also am checking into mystery shopping jobs too...
    i hope this info will help you and anyone else who reads it...
    also, if anyone else would like that info, please by all means, email me... i would be more than happy to share any info i have with anyone...
    i have learned alot on this site... i have only posted 2 times but i have been reading all the posts almost everyday... i am in awe of some who are much more frugal than i am... i have been frugal all my life... but i have learned so much from all of you... my #1 saying is: "if its free, it's for me!!!"... hehehe...


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    Thank you Kittyrose for the inspiration. I will definitely check into a few of those things.

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