My STBH ex-wife can't stand me and I am sure she is up to something
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    Default My STBH ex-wife can't stand me and I am sure she is up to something

    I started dating with a man about 18 months ago and I discovered lately that he was married, as he said - on the paper only. Call me naive, but I saw no reason for being suspiscious as far as he warned me about his "marriage" on the 2nd date. We moved in within 6 months into his apartment, he showed me his wife profile on Insta, where she kept posting pics with her new boyfriend and I literally was sure that it's over between two of them, especially taking into consideration the fact that she lives in Valdosta and we live in Atlanta. My BF has proposed to me in April (well, he calls it the proposal, but I said that we can assume marriage as soon as his divorce is even started) and he reached her out on the matter of divorce. She said that as soon as she comes to Atlanta, she would proceed with a divorce. Later on, in the beginning of July, she filed papers with and contacted my STBH about divorce papers serving, however she never served them. He can't reach her on the phone or on the Internet, and it's been about a month. I am worried and a bit disturbed, since the moment I am afraid that she hates me for getting married with her ex. I also went to a free legal aid in Atlanta, but they said that I can't help but contemplate, as far as I am nobody to both of them. My STBH tries to calm me down and I realize that he works a lot for us to afford renting an apartment and having basic needs covered, but I don't know how not to panic. I have lost my job due to lockdown and all of it seems absolutely depressing to me.

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