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    Quote Originally Posted by marthamfi View Post
    lol think I married his twin! ate out all the time! only had tea, milk , wonderbread in the fridge because it kept forever, old box of kraft dinner and a tub of margarine plus pb I think. his parrot only liked me because I bought food w me when I slept over which wasn't often lol
    There must of been triplets and i married one second and last marriage stayed married 12 years but that taught me a lesson he had eggs,milk,cheese and popcorn about all i remember him having.
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    I have always been a stockpiler, though how much and what type of food I keep has changed over time. I have moved away from things I thought I "should have" for an emergency to things that actually make sense because we use them. Like for the most part I hate using canned green beans, for example.

    It has saved our butt before. During the last recession, my husband was out of work for 14 months. Right now, he's furloughed for five weeks from April-June. Fortunately we are in a much better position financially than we were during the last recession but I am still grateful every single day for my fully stocked pantry and two freezers. Even now, six weeks in to shelter in place, there hasn't been a dent in my stocks. Fortunately I've been able to pop out to the store when I wish so I could continue keeping my home inventory replenished.

    The only thing I really need to go out for is some of the fresh stuff like milk and eggs and fresh veggies, but I can limit that to once a month or so. My garden this summer will provide many of the fresh veggies, so that will be eliminated. If push came to shove with this pandemic, I could go without those as well as I have powdered dry milk and powdered egg/substitute options. I could probably be ok for several months, though the meals might be getting kind of creative by the end.

    This pandemic has been very educational for me on many levels. I had always planned for a possible disaster and I did really well. But there were some gaps which I have taken steps to address.

    More interesting to me though, is watching to see what I DON'T use that I thought would use in a "poop hits the fan" scenario. That will help immensely going forward in determining what I will and won't stockpile.
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    yes ms marie that is a big thing what will you eat or not! sometimes you would have to be very hard up to eat somethings. and it is different for everyone. and there is some things people stockpile that you may not be able to eat.

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