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    Default Stockpile pictures

    I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post about this topic, but I was sooo impressed with the stockpile pictures on this site. How do you accumulate all those products? I would really like to know how to do this to save money. After looking at all that I was saying geez I wouldnt have to go to the store for years!!! It was so well organized and neat. Are any of these ladies still on this board? Please talk to me. I would love to know youe methods. Thanks. Stephanie

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    I think most of the pics are from early days here. Many of us have stockpiles that we have accumulated with a combination of sales, loss leaders and double and triple coupons, coupled with trading coupons. We all have different rules for stockpiling, depending on where you live, your finances and how much time you have to devote-here in the land of double and triple coupons we can be a bit more picky and hold off until super sales. For me personally, I need to save at least 80% to really stockpile something. If it's just a 1/2 off sale I might get enough to keep us through to the next sale, but not a year's worth. ------Kellie

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    I usually stockpile mostly for winter.
    I will get cases of veggies and fruits at Aldis this next month.
    I also buy sales and with coupons.
    Now with gas prices it will be trickier for me to hit the sales.
    I have a small pantry so I use plastic tubs also to store food in .

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    I have shelves in my basement, and any overflow goes to the garage.

    I stock up on sales, loss leaders, and double/triple coupons.

    I have certain "rules" for certain items.... I never pay more than $.40 for name-brand toothpaste ( usually it's more like .25). I always buy cases of a particular store brand of canned tomatoes when they're on a good sale. Things like that-- very tailored to my family.

    There was a thread long ago where a bunch of us had posted newer stockpile pics. I see if I can find it- if I do I'll post it here.

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