How many of you stockpile and then
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    Default How many of you stockpile and then

    decide after some time that you have enough that you can take a break for a whole month or more?

    I am doing this next month (October) and I will only get basics thru out the month and if paper towels, canned fruit, veggies and Pepsi go on sale (I will not pay $5.96 for pepsi sorry but that is crazy).

    So in my stock pile I have enough to feed us for proably more then a month but I don't want my pile to get so low either. I am planning a big shop this weekend at Target, Super Walmart, Meijers, Save a lot and getting everything that I know we still need plus some really really good deals I just feel that we have plenty and need to eat some of it before I buy more. I think it is great because I am going to use most that money to pay off the dryer, get paint for upstairs and some other little things. I want to add another section of fence before this winter.

    So how many of you take a break from stockpiling? And what do you still pick up when it is on sale (and of course with a coupon)? I am looking at getting things really cheap when I do buy anything next month. I will set $20 aside to us for the stockpile and another $20 for need (milk and things like that).

    So help me out here and tell us your story? Also how long have some of you been stockpiling and what made you start?

    I have only been doing it for 4 months and my reason is because I like getting the items for rock bottom prices and if coupons it makes it even better and we are know for having really really bad winters and this year they are saying it is going to be bad so I want to be prepared. So what about you?

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    Default Yep!

    One of my goals in August was to replenish my stockpiling and that turned out to be a wonderful idea. I stockpiled loss leaders throughout August and literally ran out of storage.

    But boy it paid off this month. I started back to school (I'm a teacher), my oldest just started Kindergarten and soccer, my middle just started preschool, and we also started a little internet business (

    I haven't bought anything but eggs ($.29 a dozen with my dollar saver (local thing)), milk, and bread on sale for four weeks. I need to start back with getting the loss leaders every week and dh needs to get a deer at the beginning of hunting season, but I'm in no hurry to run to the store when I simply don't have the time.

    Stockpiling is great - it saves money and time. Both of which we could all use more.

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    My mom has a cellar and basement shelves with her stockpile as well as 2 freezers. She is a widow now and still firmly believes in having plenty on hand. I guess I get it from her. I have always tried to keep my basement shelves stocked. I buy a lot of toilet paper, peanut butter, jam, bread, pasta, pasta sauce. I've done tons of canning and pickling. Canadian winters are brutal up here, especially out on the rural areas. We can go a week easily without taking the van out of the garage!!! Gotta have a good pantry!

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    I am working on stockpiling for the winter. Take a cue from squirrels...LOL Just don't want to be running out of things all the time. Just had a thought. With gas prices going down, does anyone think the prices of food will drop too? I am not counting on it myself, but it would be nice.

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