tips for selling by consignment
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    Default tips for selling by consignment

    I have lots of extra baby stuff that I'd like to sell but my past experiences with consignment stores have been less than satisfactory. One place didn't sell anything--and the stuff was nice! And another place was just downright rude; I felt like a scrap collector trying to beg a few bucks. Are there some tips and tricks I should know before attempting this again?

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    I don't know what to tell you. I sell my things in a consignment shop near where I work. They are very friendly. I always get a good return. I drop off my things in boxes, they hang it and price it and I get half of what they get for it. Maybe you have just not found the right shop for you.

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    Default Finding the consignemtn shop that's right for you

    If your area has good shops, it's easy and even fun to find one that will be a good match for whatever you wish to consign. On HowToConsign dot com you can:
    Finally get some closet clarity in your life

    Learn which type of shop will suit you

    And how to make the most money from your items

    All set? Now find a shop near you too!
    (If your favorite shop's not there, tell them about the Directory...after all, the more consignors and shoppers a store has, the more bargains and sales for YOU!)

    And for those of you who aren't yet "sold" on shopping consignment/ resale, there's a little slide show of the wonders that await!

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