I was cooking impared this year
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    Unhappy I was cooking impared this year

    Every year our group of friends take turn hosting dinner and being responsible for the turkey, luckily is wasn't my year to do that. All I had to do was make stuffings, pumpkin cheesecake and cranberries.

    My sign came Monday night when I put the cranberries in the oven and realized that I put in all the ingredients before they went into the oven. I needed to just cook them in sugar, cinnamom & nutmeg not the liquid. DOH! They weren't bad but I needed to make a correct batch on Tueday night. And they were a hit yesterday.

    Wednesday was cheesecake day. I must have offended the cheesecake deity out there. I used a well raved Paula Dean's recipe (5 stars with over 110 people concurring) and one I have cooked before from Sunset magazine. I KNEW there were problems when the first one was cooked for over 2 hours and was still liquid. Yes the oven was at the correct temperature (I have an external thermometer to monitor the temp thanks to my last oven). On to the second.
    No comment....

    Luckily the stuffings were wonderful and we all joked about my sudden inability to make a cheesecake. So I am off to Costco today for their cheesecake to satisfy hubby's cheesecake request on Thanksgiving & put birthday candles in it for tonight's dinner (It is his birthday so I want to honor his request).

    At least we had good friends & wine!

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    Some meals go like that! Hugs to you!

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    Things go wrong in all kitchens even the best of ones so no biggie!

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