We will be heading to my inlaws this year for Thanksgiving and in the spirit of our current dietary restrictions, I've talked to MIL about bringing GF foods for Matthew to take part in. She's completely fine with this.

I just wanted to let people know that there are many alternatives to your normal Thanksgiving goodies that are pretty practical to make and serve.

Since DS11 doesn't like stuffing because it has veggies in it, our focus is on the things he does eat. This means the mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, etc has to be GF or he will not eat it. I'll be helping in the preparation of these foods this year as not to cross-contaminate anything. I also plan on bringing two versions of my baked brownies (one GF and non-GF), plus cabbage rolls (DS11 won't eat these because of the cabbage) and breakfast + lunch for him to take part in. I figure that having him eat a pizza made from GF pizza crusts (Kinnikinnick makes some of the best pizza crusts that I have ever had) plus having some fruit and soy milk will do him good.

I figure that in doing the preparation for MIL, it'll take the stress off of her and give me something to do. Sharing in the responsibility is huge, but she's already preparing dinner for 13 other people anyways... so what I can do to help is bigger than nothing at all.

I'll be sure to chronicle what happens as far as his reactions to the foods when I get back, but I wanted to see if anyone else was doing a GF Thanksgiving dinner. What are your favorite recipes to prepare for Thanksgiving?