I am not working out side the home right now...I did work full time for many years when we was raiseing a family and your really don't always get a pay check by the time you figure all the extra's that you have to have..car, gas,clothing, and childcare...I quit when my late husband got to the point that he was 2 sick to be left at home alone..It was cheaper to not work than try to work..After his death I did go back to work part time...Just to be out with other people..I now am a stay at home girlfriend...I have been able to do a lot of things to the house that we would have had to pay out big money for..I never lack for things to do...There are times that the money that you bring in isn't really that much when you consider all the things that you have 2 spend it on...2 me it is my choice and I am glad that I can stay at home now...I wished that I could have done more of it when I was younger..but it was necessary for me 2 work when DH got sick and couldn't..