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    Hi Neighbor!

    NSB has become overgrown. Very sad. I remember when it was a sleepy little beach town in the late 70s, when I arrived.
    I just love looking at the ocean from our roof top balcony. You can still see the ocean in Ormond-by-the-Sea and much of Flagler.

    If you are homesteaded in Florida, the maximum they can raise your property tax is 3%. That is in the constitution. Good thing, too.

    Regarding hearing neighbors. Inside I have never heard anyone. It might because our building is solid concrete with steel beams. Last year I had category 5, triple pane windows installed and it made a huge difference.

    My electric bill for heating/cooling 2,000 square feet has never been over $100. I consider that a huge advantage over other places.

    I've lived in upstate NY and my friends and relatives pay 3 to 4 times the property taxes I do and five times the heating/cooling/electric.

    I've owned property in different areas of Florida for the past 30 years. The ones without HOAs have been poor investments because I always kept my property well cared for yet neighbors let their homes deteriorate, making my property value decline. It all depends on the area and what is important to you.

    You couldn't pay me enough to move back up North. I like swimming in February!

    Garlic is my favorite restaurant in NSB.
    The Lord will provide

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    At my current place (a condo) I only hear the neighbors when they are in the hall. Or when I am in the hall. Once both of us are inside our units, I do not hear them.

    The first place I lived in as an adult had very thin floors and ceilings. It was a large old house divided into apartments. I think part of that was because it was never designed to be apartments.

    I am not really interested in a house. I do not want to do yard work or shovel snow. Maybe if I found one for a really good deal, I would get it and hire someone to do that stuff. But generally, I want to get either a condo or apartment.

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