For grandparents - do you play a major roll
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    Question For grandparents - do you play a major roll

    In your grandchildren's lives? We get to see 2 of our grandchildren fairly often, but 3 are in Northern BC and we only get to see them about every 3 years (way too long). The other 3 are with our dd's ex and he will not allow us to see them.

    What roll do you play in your grandchildren's lives?

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    We don't see the Granddaughters as often as we would like.... They are 1800 mile away....We see them every year when we go to California...... We e-mail and talk on the phone but it's never enough.... I would like to play more of a role in their lives.... I see my sister's grandchildren more, her dd lives here.....

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    We spend the entire summer together. Once school starts, I see Laine twice a week, when I volunteer in her preschool room. We have a bedroom set up for the four granddaughters here in our home. My daughter works some odd shifts so we often have Brandee and Chelsee overnight at our home. During the school year, we try to spend at least one day every other weekend with the girls. Last weekend we went to the Animal Expo and this weekend we are going to a kite day in the park. All four girls also spend most of their school holidays with us as well. They are a really big part of our lives!

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