Thrifty Thursday, 1/27/11
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    Default Thrifty Thursday, 1/27/11

    Good morning!!

    Wow, the east coast is getting pummelled!! LUCKY! Nothing but sunshine and wind here!

    Today is the usual work for me. It's my usual day off, but I'm just so behind at work that it's killing me! So I will go in and then leave a little early to get my weekly groceries. And oh boy, is it a list! Not gonna be pretty...

    Tonight is bball scrimmage at 4:45 while simultaneously running across the hall at the school to turn in the girl scout cookies order form. Never a dull moment!

    Then hopefully back home in time for American Idol! Woo-hoo!

    Have a great day!

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    The snow is missing us & that makes me a happy girl.
    Another quiet day here but it's starting off an expensive one. Just had the propane delivery guy here making a delivery and jeeze-oh-pete the stuff has gone up 58¢/gal ! Hubby is gonna have to take speedy showers. This so stinks when tomorrow I have to pay the town taxes that are over a grand. Boo!

    Other than that my world is ever so lovely thank you.
    I have laundry to hang upstairs and I cleaned yesterday so just need to straighten things up. I'll do some reading and dinner will be coming out of things on hand.
    Stay warm, take quick showers and have a great one.

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    Good morning girls. Today will be a day of doing nothing. DH is sleeping, no dishes to do, floors to sweep etc. etc. etc.. Ahhhh. I'm waiting to hear from ENT's office on my surgery date. I got the letter from insurance yesterday and called for scheduling but the lady wasn't available. Left a message and haven't heard anything yet. I'm dissecting the grocery ads just in case we have to do the shopping this weekend due to surgery next. I really don't want to spend Super Bowl Sunday in misery so we will see. I haven't the foggiest what to have for dinner. I have some hb laid out to thaw so I guess I should see what I can throw together. Hope you all have a nice day.


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    It's an uneventful day here today. Did the usual morning rountine. I did bake a cake and enjoyed sampling the batter. I had only one load of laundry to do today. Woot! Even the cat was impressed!

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    Another no spend day here. I warmed up leftovers for the girls and I to eat for lunch. We spent most of the day working on their studies. I hung some laundry to dry, made some split pea soup for dinner, and found some great frugal snack ideas on line to try. Now the girls are listening to audio books we checked out from the library until daddy gets home for board game night. A peaceful day!

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