Thrifty Thursday 5/16/11
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    Default Thrifty Thursday 5/16/11

    I've been up a couple of hours here. It's kind of humid here making me think that we're going back to sweltering instead of the wonderful weather we've had the last couple of days.

    Life kind of takes me by the hand and runs away with me sometimes and I have to consciously refocus to try and keep it running in the direction I choose instead of completely doing it's own thing. It's time for the conscious frugality refocus along with starting to pay attention again to slowing life up a bit.

    For today:
    ~ I will cook dinner at home
    ~ I will work out without a gym membership
    ~ Entertainment will be with things we already have
    ~ Lunch at work will be brought from home
    ~ I will look into camp scholarship forms
    ~ The car will get shop-vacced. at home instead of at a car wash.

    How's everyone else's day looking?

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    So far I've done the am routine - dishwasher thing, pack up DF's lunch & drop at work, had a serious chat with dad about expectations for upcoming wedding, scrubbed bathroom & paid bills online

    The remainder of stuff to do?
    * swap mats in the house
    * fold laundry
    * deposit $ at bank
    * re-spot wash car - thinking DIY $2 place
    * return empty beer bottles
    * hit the mall - one final check for shoes before I stop
    * pick up a few misc grocery items

    And whatever else pops into my head. I need to get this all done by 4pm too

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