Thrifty Thursday 6/27/13
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    Default Thrifty Thursday 6/27/13

    Got up pretty early today. Have one load in the washer. Will continue with laundry for a few more loads. Clean the kitchen. Yesterday was busy, and didn't get the dishes done. Have a few larger pans to hand wash. Vacuuming today. The dog hair is taking over. Change the sheets on the bed. I'd like to color my hair today. Decided it's not time to go gray. It's been growing out for a couple of months now, and I'm not ready yet.

    Need to pay bills and make my grocery list and clip coupons.

    Trying a new recipe for chopped asian chicken salad. Started marinating the chicken last night. Will grill it later today. Trying to eat more healthy.

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    DH had to work in the middle of the night again and well...I woke up with him. UGH! So the house was picked up, chores done for the day all by 5am? Been puttering about all morning trying to decide on today's 'other' chores. I need to pop to the bread outlet to pick up tortillas for $1/pkg to make up some bean/cheese burritos then toss them into freezer. Gonna see how well those 'thaw' out for quick meals/snacks etc. If its a success...the bean recipe will be made again and a crapload of burritos will be made for the freezer. No pun intended

    Grey overcast and super humid here...trying to lay low in the house and be 'thrifty' as possible.

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    Took BF to work this morning..paid bills on the computer..Washed bedroom windows and hemed curtians for there Have them in the washer now so will put them back up as soon as they line dry a bit..Have a pair of jeans to patch and a shirt that I have to fix and I will have that done..suppose to cool off a bit here this weekend so want to clean out the shop and 2 pull a few more weeds and will have the yard work done for a bit..

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    Swept the house upstairs and down. stripped they bed in our room, washed and dried the sheets(had to use the dryer as it's rainy and humid and it's supposed to stay that way for a few days) and remade the bed. Inventoried both freezes. Still need to vacuum the couch and stairs. I should clean te hamster cage today too but that may wait till tomorrow.

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