Thrifty Thursday, October 24, 2013
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    Default Thrifty Thursday, October 24, 2013

    Stayed home today. Paid bills and cleaned out a few files. So much trash. Don't know why I keep things sometimes.

    Cleaned out the fridge. Chopped and froze some things for future meals. Then started on the freezer. Tonight's dinner will be a lot of miscellaneous. I found some meatballs, will add cream of mushroom soup and serve with rice. I'm out of milk so water will have to do. I also found some ravioli and will use the leftover pasta sauce in the fridge. Threw out some things I didn't recognize. Found a roast that might still be okay. Will thaw it and maybe make some soup out of it tomorrow.

    I guess I have that clean it out bug right now. I was looking for a receipt a few days ago and couldn't believe all the papers and other receipts I had. I don't know why I kept them. It's almost time to clean out the files for the end of the year too.

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    The only thing frugal that I did today was to take my change and cash it in. Then I went to CVS and bought the specials.
    2 boxes cereal
    1 bottle of mouthwash
    1 bottle laundry detergent
    1 Coke
    1 candy bar

    I only spent $13 and got $2 reward bucks for my next trip.

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