I shouldn't be calling this thrifty Thursday, because we found out this morning that our fridge was off. For a day and a half, we figure. Something or someone bumped the on/off in the roof of the freezer (it's an UNDER freezer) and turned the fridge off. Not the freezer, thankfully, but the fridge.

Had to throw away some things that I just wasn't comfortable with keeping.....milk and meat and leftovers mainly. SUCH a waste! I was so po'd. Gonna try and save as much as possible.

And then whilst figuring out my bank account today, I realized I'd been away from FV and frugality MUCH too long. Time for a reality check. Back on the wagon as of today!

Cleaned the hot tub filter and chem'd it. Yes, we have a hot tub. I see it as a complete waste of time and money, but DH has a bad back and so does DS#2.

Grocery shopped for milk, etc that was ruined in fridge. Grrrr........ Plus DH and DS2 are on the Paleo diet (so is DS1 who comes over on Sundays for dinner), and that really really increases our grocery money spent. I could scream. But, I am going to do my level best to feed them and still try to cut down on spending.