Another day at home. It is really cold out. I don't even want to get the mail. More snow coming this weekend. I'm so sick of this. I'm ready for Spring, but with the way it's going, we'll probably go straight to summer heat.

I thought about going to hallmark to use my rewards $$, but I know I'll end up spending more than that, so they'll just expire. Besides, did I say it was cold out?

Didn't really do much today. "screen" shopped the internet for fabric and batting to finish a few quilts. Trying to find the best deals. I'll wait til it goes on sale. Went through some piano music and decided to sit down for a bit and play.

Tonight will be grilled steak from our local grocery store. They have a Thursday deal for a steak dinner. It's not bad. We enjoy going out and relaxing.

Dh will get some more parts for his nephew's car and try to finish it up tonight. He did get paid a little for doing the job. He normally charges more, but since it was family it didn't ask for much.