Thrifty Thursday 3/7/2019
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    Default Thrifty Thursday 3/7/2019

    Dgd spent the night, so we're staying home today. Paid bills this morning. Not a lot extra. Will be eating mostly out of the freezer/pantry.

    Tonight is our weekly steak dinner. It's always fun. Dgd will be with us tonight. We'll get her something else to eat. She's not a big meat eater.

    Other than our planned dinner tonight, it will be a no spend day.

    Cleaning the kitchen. Made cookies last night and need to wash all the bowls and cookie sheets. Dgd helped me load the dishwasher this morning. She likes helping.

    Trying to organize the countertops to be more user friendly. Seems like I get them cleared off and someone piles more stuff on them. Nothing ever gets put back, just left on the counter for me to clean up. It really is time to declutter the kitchen again.

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    We had leftovers for supper. Drinking lots of water. We always do, it’s good for you and it’s frugal. We have a Zero water pitcher that we filter our tap water through, I’ve had the pitcher for years and the filters last a long time. Our town water has such a strong clorine smell, ugh.

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