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    Today was a beautiful day in PA! Went for a walk with my dd and 2 gs. They came over and played in my yard. My daughter blew bubbles and the boys chased them. I made us dinner. It was a very lovely day. I am in the process of painting a foam cooler. It will be a loot chest for my 9-y-o dgs Fortnite Birthday Party in April. The foam cooler was left in our garage 4 years ago by our friends who said we could have it after our cookout. It was a no spend day.

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    It was a rare 65 degree day here. My DH and I went for a walk around the farm...saw many deer track, coyote tracks and some raccoon tracks. The ground was very squishy, but we both wore our rubber boots. This is the first walk around since winter for me on the farm. It's still very wet and brown here. A few signs of green...but not many~

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