Thrifty Thursday 3-21-2019
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    Default Thrifty Thursday 3-21-2019

    Today I'm making 4 loaves of white bread which should last us until next Thursday.

    The weather is supposed to be a little cloudy with a high of 50 degrees. It's still a good day to wash the weeks worth of towels and hang them on the clothesline to dry.

    I got quite a bit done on my pineapple crochet doily yesterday and will work on it a couple more hours today.

    For dinner we're having meatloaf, home canned green beans, mashed potatoes, and home canned applesauce.

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    Paid bills today. Did okay. Now to try to save some of the leftover.

    Went to walmart looking for an extra large pooper scooper, but they didn't have one. Went ahead and picked up a couple things from my shopping list. Saves me another stop tomorrow.

    Then I went walgreens. I just can't resist getting laundry soap for $1. They had oxiclean for $2.99 and I had a $2 coupon. I guess I'm obsessed with getting $1 soap.

    Tonight we are going to our weekly steak dinner. It's always a fun time. We go with a few other family members and we sit and chit chat and it's always a good time. We could get a better steak and a restaurant, but this is at the grocery store and it's really not bad. The best part is I don't have to cook and it's cheaper than the restaurant.

    Homesteadgal, your dinner sounds yummy. I love meatloaf. I wish I could make a decent loaf of bread. I haven't found anything I can do sandwiches with. I just need to keep trying until I find something that works.

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    Another stay at home day. Looks like we're going to be closed the rest of this week. No spending. Eating out of fridge/freezer stuff that needs gone. Bout as thrifty as it gets. Took another two hour nap today. That's beginning to be a habit and then not sleeping but I get SO SO SO sleepy during the day.
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