Frugal thursday to everyone!!!!!!!
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    Smile Frugal thursday to everyone!!!!!!!

    Hi There!

    I`ll be going for a walk this morning and stopping by the fruit store. Hope this time I won`t lose my cucumbers like last time!

    Have to take the lunches for the boys this morning. I was too tired to prepare them in advance.

    Does it show that I need color in my life these days?

    Hope you all have a frugal and happy day!

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    Today is clean up day I have a lot to do to get ready for ds birthday party on sunday.

    For today

    make beds-done
    clean off desk-done
    clean up office
    organize coupons
    make grocery list
    clean kitchen
    sweep and mop kitchen
    vaccum living room
    wash and hang laundry-almost done
    clean up garage

    LUNCH-dunno yet
    DINNER-meatloaf,mashed potatoes,and carrots

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    so far today I have:

    Put away clean dishes
    Washed half a sink's worth of dishes
    Took Ayla for a 25 min. walk outside
    Played peek-a-boo
    read to her
    Made the bed
    Hung up clothes
    Did two loads of laundry
    Cleaned bathroom sink
    Took a quick bath
    Garbage out
    Decluttered and made the house look neat
    Made Fajita's for my lunch
    Pushed Ayla in her stroller inside the house

    Still need to:
    Take last load out of dryer, put away clean clothes
    get the mail
    take a nap. ...i'm sooo tired!
    This is the first time I got a chance to go online today
    oh yeah and finish the dishes, mop the floor

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