How time flies when you're having fun! It's Thursday already!
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    Default How time flies when you're having fun! It's Thursday already!

    The holiday weekend came and went, not without notice around here though. We moved our dd#2, which wore us old people out. I feel like Acme Moving and Storage these days

    Anyway the rest of the week has kinda flown by. I'm still tired but feeling more rested everyday. Today I'm gonna work on my laundry again.....pick up the house and maybe go over to mom and dad's to hang a few curtains. We've just about got the decorating done. We have the girls coming home tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday and then on Sunday Gripey and I are leaving town for our 30th anniversary.

    What's been going on and what do you have coming up for the weekend? And, anybody having any rain they can send our way, pretty please.....?

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    I have desperatly been trying to keep up with the house and laundry. Went to the grocery store today for a few needed items. This weekend, my Mom is keeping the kids so hubby and I are going camping ALONE. I can hardly wait for tomorrow afternoon to arrive so we can hit the road. Weekends without the kids are few and far between for us, so we're really looking forward to this one!

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    I quit my job! I quit my job!

    Well yesterday was the last day at my job which I've held for nearly 3 years. It was a nice job that paid well, but I really dislike working with so many of the people that it made each day torturous. I have a PT job lined up that is related to my degree that I begin on Monday.

    This morning I took a long bike ride to visit the closest Shop rite and rode by a gorgeous neighborhood (it was after a ghettoy neighborhood). I did buy caesar dressing instead of Italian dressing (for a oven fries recipe recommended by sunshine). Then I had yum breakfast and a nice nap. Now I'm to go out for a walk. Lovely day so far.

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    This week is really flying by. Today's plans are to:
    ~attend orientation for my PHYS ED class tonight
    ~study DS#2's driver's ed.
    ~work on English homework
    ~make a grocery list for shopping tomorrow
    ~clip and file coupons (I am behind on this one)
    ~mail DS#1's thank you cards
    ~of course do laundry
    ~fill out some registration papers for the camps DS#3 will be participating in this summer (3 in total)
    ~reserve hotel for summer vacation
    ~if I feel up to it, replace cabinet hardware and paint baseboards

    Plans for this weekend are undecided. We may take the boat out like last weekend.

    We have been getting a few drops of rain today and yesterday. I will try to send some your way Lisa!

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    Ahhh, I'm so glad it's Thursday already

    I've already:
    -cleaned the kitchen (dishes, counters, stove, etc)
    -made the bed
    -cleaned the dining room (toys, new tablecloth, dirty dishes, etc)
    -dropped off four kids (one for a field trip), picked up one
    -went to the cell phone store because my phone was acting up, all fixed now
    -did 1/4 of a mile on my new treadmill

    Still need to:
    -do more time on the treadmill
    -get some knitting & crocheting done for a craft fair I'm selling at this Saturday
    -pick up four kids
    -make dinner
    -go to Jr High orientation with youngest dd

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