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    It's 25 degrees here and cloudy, but it must not have gotten too cold overnight as we didn't have to scrape off the car this morning before going to work. That was a welcomed surprise.

    So far today I have:
    * gotten up and dressed
    * packed lunch
    * ate breakfast (free bagel and milk day at work! woo hoo!)
    * cleared my inbox at work
    * applied a large billing debit to a client's account
    * did the schedule and image

    I still need to:
    * submit the banners and special events graphics
    * set up the cycle 0 billing lists
    * go to the doctor
    * take some invitations to friends for our anti-superbowl party
    * look online at our paystubs (direct deposited at midnight tonight)
    * make a menu for next week

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    really frost this morning, but it's supposed to be sunny today.

    Need to :
    jump on bike for 30 min.
    put dishes away
    clean downstairs bathroom
    straighten up a bit
    throw a load of laundry in to wash
    get split pea soup going in crockpot
    off to work 11-3

    Need to come home and deep clean everything else, so I don't have to do it on the weekend.

    Sorry you have to take care of a sick family ..Hollyhandi. Really sorry your getting sick too

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    Morning all. Did all the basic chores, went to the bank and paid the mortgage as its payday here. Went grocery shopping too. Very cold weather is coming and dh and I ordered two cords of wood. It will be delivered on Saturday.Leftovers for supper tonight. Have a good day

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    Good afternoon all!!! The day is only getting better thankfully! I have a sick baby that was up most of the night and I had a toothache over night too. No sleep=grumpy mama= arguing with dh Anywho I have...

    ~ washed and dried two loads of laundry
    ~ showered and dressed
    ~ lunch and breakfast
    ~ paid bills and worked more on grocery list based on sales
    ~ went grocery shopping...$3 under budget

    Still to do:
    ~ finish crocheting a birthday present for a party tonight
    ~ fold and put away laundry
    ~ do reading, science, and history with dd
    ~ maybe bake cupcakes and banana bread
    ~ birthday party at mc d's at dinnertime
    ~ put kids to bed and relax

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    Well its been a heavy day. I went to the funeral of a childhood friends father today. We buried him next to "Mom" I was ther the day she died 30 years ago. It was also tought because my ex husband works for my childhood friend and was there too.But we spoke of "Dad" and managed to avoid each other the rest of the day. Such a strange feeling. DD went with me and we had a good mother/daughter bonding day.
    Came home in the rain about 75 out and very windy. Took a nap and now have made dinner "convict supper" and am cleaning up. To work with DH tommoorow life goes on.

    LAurie in Bradenton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollyhandi View Post
    I have 2 sick teenagers and 1 sick Fiance here today.
    Enough said about my day ahead. LOL
    Problem is I'm getting sick tooooo.
    Hope everyone, including yourself, is feeling better really soon.

    It's a little late, but here's what happened in my neck of the woods so far today.

    For one thing, I'm still sick with whatever bug this is that I caught last week, so to keep DH from catching it, I've been sleeping in the guest room at night. He is leaving early in the morning to go on a men's retreat with the church and won't be back until late Sunday evening. LOL, I have been sharing the guest bed with our cat Willie and our chihuahua Abby, so after I got DH off to work this morning and drove DD to school, I came home and stripped all the beds and made them up with clean bedding. I fed the goats, cats and dogs, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned out the fridge, balanced the checkbook, dusted and gave a passing thought to cleaning all the hardwood floors, but I ran out of steam and took a quickie nap instead until time to pick DD up from school. I will tackle the floors and bathrooms tomarrow. DH just called to ask if I wanted him to pick up something for supper, but I have deer steaks laid out and I will fry them and we will make sandwiches. Dh is at Walmart in Savannah now picking up the last few things he needs for his trip, and I'm waiting for him to call to tell me he is on his way home so I can start cooking the steaks.

    Oh, I did manage to organize all of my scrapbooking supplies this afternoon and I plan on doing some serious scrapping this weekend. I just hope I feel better. Whatever this is, it sure zaps you.

    Ya'll be good!

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    Cold and rainy.

    I made the beds
    Took dd to school
    Went to the bank to make a deposit
    Visited with my Mom (she is at my sisters)
    Got gas in the car--$1.99!
    Ran to walmart for some things I needed for my Ebay business
    Picked up the house (Why is was so clean I have NO idea?)
    Worked on my chair and ottoman reuphostery--coming alone nicely
    Left overs for dinner so no cooking
    Ran to Cartridge World--refilled my dell cartridge for $15 bucks--yoohoo and got dd one to send to her at college--brother model clone--$13!
    Took a long bath
    Got on my exercize bike--I have lost 5 lbs--15 more to go
    Watched Anne of Green Gables--I just love that movie
    Painted some note cards to sell on Ebay

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