Tightwad Tuesday 8/11
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    Cool Tightwad Tuesday 8/11

    ~Today I:

    -have to fiddle with my sewing machine until the tension issues are resolved
    -have a round of disc golf scheduled this afternoon
    -have to stop and pick up a fan for the kids room, this heat wave killed their last one :/
    -make some goodies for dh's lunches
    -make some phone calls I've been procrastinating about

    Really just an easy day at home today hanging out at FV! Hope everyone has a great day!~

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    My frugal day:

    - had coffee at home
    - taking breakfast, lunch and snacks to work
    - going to the gym during my lunch hour
    - making dinner at home tonight
    - work at least one hour of overtime
    - 1 load of not so frugal laundry (it will cost me $4.50)

    Have a great day everyone!

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    DD is off to school and DH is at work. DS and I are going to tie up a few loose ends today.

    There is an estate sale across the street from our house and we may go check it out. I really want to see the house itself more so than the goods for sale.

    The Farmer's Market is calling my name. Some fresh fruits and veggies sounds like a good way to spend some grocery money.

    DS needs a haircut. I don't want to wait until right before schools starts to get it cut. I hate the way a "fresh" haircut looks.

    Stop by the school uniform place and check on a shirt we ordered for him three weeks ago.

    Get him a backpack.

    Make a deposit.

    Drop off two prescriptions and pick up them up later this afternoon.

    DS needs to cut the backyard.

    Big Brother on TV tonight.

    Hope y'all have a safe and happy day!!!

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    Neely, I have Big Brother on my agenda for tonight too! :-) I wonder what Jeff will do with the "mystery power?"

    Today -
    ~drop DS#3 off at football practice
    ~do a few loads of laundry
    ~hang laundry out to dry
    ~clean pool - go for a swim later
    ~order textbooks online
    ~update checking account

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    I was up at the crack of 10!!!
    After two cups of the magical zombie elizir of life (black, two splendas) I've got to figure out where the teens are!! Woke up to an empty house and their bikes are gone!
    Gotta slam out a couple weeks of lesson plans, as aliens have replaced the teens, and the aliens asked if they could start homeschool this year before Labor Day (when God intended school should start)
    It's wadrobe evaluation day, when we make piles to keep, piles to go to Goodwill and piles to go to various people on the hand-me-down circuit in which we live.
    Working 10p-6a with a family I haven't seen in a couple months, so that will be enjoyable, esp. IF their wireless connection is working!!!

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    I've done nothing particularly frugal or unfrugal today, but have decided to get back on the active-frugality wagon. I'm waiting on some chemical supplies to be delivered via FedEx today or tomorrow that I'm going to use to make homemade soap, and am sporadically working on crocheting a rug that I will most likely give away as a gift at some point. I've decided to see how many days I can go without spending money (I'll have to allow one purchase of gasoline in the car, but I mean other than that). I should be able to go at least until after next payday, except for filling the car, of course. I kind of got off track and out of the habit while on a trip this month and I must confess I've ordered in twice and had fast food twice in the last week. Ew? and also expensive. So I got to get back in the swing of this.
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    Today is a No Drive No Spend day. I need to do laundry, deep clean the kitchen and laundry room, exercise, start cleaning out my closet, shred.

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