Tightwad Tuesday, 2/15/11
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday, 2/15/11

    Good morning,
    Had a very broken up night's sleep with vivid dreams. Bizarre. At any rate, I'm doing great on time this morning. Lunches are made, backpacks are packed and ready to go, and now I'm relaxing and drinking some coffee before the kids get up. No woodstove this morning, as it's been unseasonably warm around here again. Yay!

    Today is work. Hopefully I'll have enough to keep me busy! I am going to the car wash on my lunch break and not only wash the outside, but scrub the inside, too. I have decided to sell it and purchase a more gas-friendly vehicle. Wish me luck, as I LOVE my 4 wheel drive!

    Tonight dd2 has girl scouts after school, and then dd1 has bball practice tonight at 6:30. Never a quiet and relaxing evening around here! lol

    Have a good one, folks!


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    Good Morning friends!! Taking a few minutes for a coffe and FV break before I head to school. Would like to arrive a little early to get some paperwork prepped first.

    Hope it's warm enough today for me to head to the pool - I was so happy when that was an everyday pattern - and now I feel out of sync with it - definitely need to work on making this an everyday routine again!!

    Making stuffed peppers tonight for dinner. Lunch is already at school.

    Just a picking up the pieces day and regrouping!! Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

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    Good morning girls. I missed you the last 3 days. I've been busy going to Dr. appointments and getting things ready for next week. DH has an emergency dentist appointment again. I'm starting to get really po'd at this dentist. The same tooth keeps giving DH trouble. While he is at his appointment I have to get some blood work done if they can get me in. I think dinner will be eating out somewhere. I don't feel like guessing what DH will be able to eat, so maybe Ponderosa's salad bar will work. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


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