Tightwad Tuesday, 4/12/11
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday, 4/12/11

    Good morning,
    Wow, I surely didn't want to get up this morning!! And it's worse because it's only Tuesday! I had the craziest busy day ever yesterday. After work yesterday my girls tried out for the Missoula Children's Theatre production. That lasted until 5:30 where they announced my oldest was assigned as an assistant director, which means she stays at the school until 8 every night this week. Great. My little one also got a part, but doesn't have to be there until Wednesday. Then it was out the door to be 15 miles
    away for ds' first soccer practice. I was so nervous for him, as he's never played organized soccer, and he hasn't played ANY sport in the past 2 years. Hooray, he loved it! He made new friends, and he had a great time, despite all of us freezing in the 40 mph winds and rain.

    Tonight should be better. I have to pick up dd at 8, but that should be it. Now THAT I can handle! lol I need to do some laundry when I get home tonight and do some general cleanup, but nothing crazy.

    On my lunch break I need to do so many different things, I guess I just need to pick one and go for it! So it's a toss-up whether I go clean out my van or go to the sporting goods store and see if they have wool socks on sale yet to add to my stockpile. Decisions, decisions....

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    I am on day two of staying home to save on gas. Usually that isn't hard because I have three girls to homeschool, but the older two are sick and it doesn't take long to work with the youngest. I think today I'll do some cleaning and then recipe searches to liven things up around here. The goal being to use up what we have and not spend money before our move.

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    Today I took DD to school and picked her up. (It is approx. 5.5 miles each way. If gas stays at $4.00 a gallon I will have to send her to the public school down the street. I won't be able to afford to drive her!!)

    I also managed to clean up the kitchen, only for it to be dirty again after dinner, and make dinner. This is now day 3 of cooking at home.

    I have been MIA for about a month or so. DS was born March 28, and things have just been crazy! We spent way to much money on Thai food trying to spice him out, I was lazy and we pretty much ate out every night. Now that he is 2 weeks old and we have a little routine going I should be able to make dinner every night.

    Tomorrow will be a crazy evening. DD has dance from 6-7 and the young girl I babysit for does not get picked up until 6, so dinner will need to be made in the crockpot. (DH does not get home until 7 usually either) and in the past we would always just pick up McDonalds, but I am trying to limit that to once a month. It will be cheaper and healthier for us.

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    Bought a few things at the $$ store but was only out to drop DD at BF's.
    Took a giant nap.

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