Tightwad Tuesday, 10/4/11
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday, 10/4/11

    Morning all,

    There is not enough coffee in the world to get me going this morning. I'm just dragging today. All 3 of the kids weren't feeling well yesterday, either. I'm hoping that they feel better today. Youngest dd went to sleep at 7:00 last night. Yikes, I tried to wake her, but she wasn't having it, so we tucked her in for the night. DS has a cold with the sore throat and headache. And of course it's national testing week for the kids at school, which they hate when kids are absent. Sigh.

    Tonight after work the craziness begins. Youngest dd starts girl scouts, and in a town 10 miles over, oldest dd has a volleyball game. At the same time. I will miss the last part of the volleyball game to go pick up the youngest. Oh well, can't do it all!

    Hope everyone else is staying healthy!


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    Good Morning I slept great, Had Hot spiced Chai yum! A banana & vits too. Fed the dog & gave the cat some catnip. Put away the dishes. Need to go to the meat shop for lunchmeat & cheese. Going to the post office to drop of a letter.
    Last night I shredded up some zuccini I bought last week, going to make more zuccini bread to freeze. Need to clean out the fridge. I cleaned out the cat's litterbox. Then go to work. Have a great Tuesday all!

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    DH decided to go to work today so I will get to watch tv programs from the PVR that he doesn't care to watch.

    I also need to:

    * put away some laundry
    * pay some bills online
    * hopefully bake a cake - using my bundt pan
    * scrub both bathrooms (did floors all over the house yesterday while dad was out: sweeping, mopping & vacuuming)
    * purge for 1 hour minimum & prep stuff for donation. (need to clear some clutter!)

    Wish me luck

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    So far today I have:

    *Went to Target. I got 4 2ltrs of Pepsi, a box of sandwich bags (target brand) and a loaf of bread, and a pack of their sandwich containers (hoping DH will use these instead of the bags) all for $0.11 OOP!! (I had a $10.00 gift card from purchasing baby formula)

    * I took apart the chicken that was left from dinner last night and made a crock pot of Chicken noodle soup. I also set aside enough chicken to make Chicken quesadilas for tomorrow nights dinner.

    *I have 2 loads of laundry left to do.

    *I painted the first coat of chalk board paint on the kitchen & will get the second coat done after I pick DD up from school (you have to wait 4 hours between coats)

    *I'm picking up the house and going to vacuum and mop the house and clean the bathroom.

    When I get back from picking up DD I am going to go through the material I have and work on making some baby wipes (using cloth diapers and disposable wipes is for the birds!!) and maybe a few grocery bags.

    I will also try and get the grass cut, the garden pulled out and the flower beds cleared. So they can go out in the trash tomorrow. All with looking forward to the leafs that will start falling really soon.

    I also made DH's & DD's lunch and will be eating a PB&J myself no eat out day here!!

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    Washing windows today, always a chore that is endless. I have huge banana spiders roosting in the outside corners.Fun, fun. Children's swim tonight. Have a great afternoon!

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