Tightwad Tuesday 2/19/2019
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday 2/19/2019

    Stayed home today. We are supposed to get a storm here in a few hours. Dh took "my" car because it does better in the snow.

    Spent most of the day doing some sewing. Mostly repairs and a few alterations. Trying to clean that room. so much stuff. Found a sheet that had a rip. Took all of two minutes to repair. Don't know why it took so long. Found some of dh's pants that need repairs too. That shouldn't take too long either. I think the room is such a mess I hate being in there. That's why it's piled up.

    Tonight we will have leftover taco stuff, repurposed into a version of "7 layer or however many it turns out to be" dip.

    Worked on my table cloth. Dgd spilled juice on it and it got forgotten in a pile of laundry and molded. I watered down some bleach, thinking I'd rather have little white spots than black. It took it right out without it changing the color. So happy!

    I doubt we'll go anywhere tonight, supposed to be getting bad out. I'll keep working on that room.

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    By far, I was not a tightwad today as I spent money. But I didn't pay regular prices as I got them on ebay. I got a pair of water shoes
    and a life vest. I'll need them in a few months for a trip.

    We have hard water here and the toilets can get very ugly, no matter how hard I scrub them. I find that Kaboom! cleaner does well, although it takes weeks to finally get them clean. I saw that Kaboom puts out a toilet cleaner system that is installed in the tank and it got many great reviews. So, I ordered 2 systems from Amazon (best price I could find) and installed them today. I hope they work!

    I made chicken enchiladas with leftover chicken. I even baked banana bread and pumpkin pie. I bought refrigerated pie crusts marked down for $1 a box and stored them in the freezer.

    DS2 finally opened his Valentine cards and had lottery tickets in them. He won $2. DS1 has not scratched his lottery yet...… I was given lottery tix in my card and won $4. We have played instant lottery in several states and one state gave a winning of 50 cents! Not even a dollar! We laughed so hard.....

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