Tightwad Tuesday 2/26/2019
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday 2/26/2019

    Planning to stay home again.

    Will do some more work in one of the bedrooms and finish up the laundry from yesterday. Haven't been feeling the best lately, so I don't get as much done as I want.

    Dinner tonight will be fried rice. Couldn't decide until I watched Rachael Ray today. She made fried rice. I think mine is better. HAHA!!!

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    I didn't spend anything today. I put a ham & potatoes in the oven and baked a SF apple pie and banana cranberry bread. DS2 said the pie had a lot of cinnamon (my fault) but then said it was really good. I said I used Fuji apples and that's his favorite (it's also ranked high in sweetness) and he said that those apples made it good.

    My stocks aren't doing well but I didn't spend too much to buy them. I never spend more than I'm willing to lose!

    My phone is still hanging in there. The rollerball doesn't work anymore so I pulled out its keyboard to see if that would help me write and send texts. Luckily, that works as I never used it before. So I had to play with it to figure out stuff. My model of phone was available in 1993. So, it's not tech advanced, but the screen never cracks and if it's dropped, I can put the pieces back together and it works. People have made comments like,"You NEED to get a new phone! That's so old school!" or "I had that phone in high school!" but I tell them MY screen isn't cracked! So I don't need to replace the phone....

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