Tightwad Tuesday 3/5/2019
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday 3/5/2019

    Another cold day in the midwest. I'm choosing to stay in again today.

    Today I'll finish up some laundry. FOlding is my least favorite part.

    Do some more cleaning in the kitchen, mainly organizing, decluttering. Every now and then I go through everything and get rid of the stuff we just don't use. Time to do that again.

    I need to start a grocery list for this week. I'm running low or completely out of a few things. Need to check the pantry first to see if there are things hiding there.

    Not sure about dinner tonight. It will be leftovers, tomato soup/grilled cheese, or chicken.

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    Made extra food yesterday to bring to work today which I ate. Going straight home after work. Not feeling well. No money being spent here other than I paid bills due.
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    I took out frozen chicken and needed it thawed for dinner. I put it in the microwave a few minutes and then simmered it partially as I still needed it raw, so I could bread it. The water helped the crumbs stick really well. I also made Spanish rice and pumpkin pie. I'll take any LO in the refrigerator for lunch tomorrow. I still have ham, bagels, bananas that need to get used.

    I got my fave tea on sale ($2 off) and will boil water for it.

    I do not plan on buying much this week as I think we have enough food around here. I'll have to get creative with some frozen things, like steak. I don't eat much of it and to grill in this weather is unrealistic. I will probably make stew with it, even though DH feels that's not proper.

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