Tightwad Tuesday 3-19-19
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    Default Tightwad Tuesday 3-19-19

    The weather is nice today, it's supposed to be sunny with a high of 50 degrees.

    This morning I'm washing all the bed sheets and hanging them out on the clothesline to dry.

    I have a good-sized pile of mending to do; I can get that done this morning, as well.

    Tonight we're having homemade spaghetti for dinner. I'll put the sauce on to simmer around 2:00 PM. All the ingredients for the sauce come from last year's garden except for the olive oil.

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    Dinner sounds good! My babysitter was from Italy and she made the best sauce. She always used rigatoni noodles and would give us kids a small bowl. We would always ask for more but she refused. She would cook for others once a week and that's what she made.

    My heating blanket caused a huge hole in my sheet since it has a metal connector on it. The connector just tore it up and repairing it would not be feasible. I'll put a new sheet on today. I may put a blanket under the electric one so my flannel sheets aren't ruined.

    Dinner may be chicken & rice or crouton encrusted baked chicken. Not sure yet.

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    love Italian food can live off it for the rest of my life lol. really sunny and warm here for time of the year 70 or more. records were broken yesterday. dh is off for the week so I got him and ds to do garden work yesterday while I was at work. he has to take his mom to the doctor mid day so the day is shot for doing anything around here, project wise. maybe go shopping for flooring.

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    We're both still home from work. Been a solid week now. Don't know if he's going to be able to go back.
    Didn't leave the house so no spending. Mostly just piddled around with a little cleaning. Tomorrow I should go get get flea meds for the girls.
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