It's been a very slow start to the day.

Going to feed store to get dog food. DIdn't realize we were running low. Seems like I'm always buying dog food.

Didn't make it to inlaws house last night. Went to get supplies dh needed for work. Probably do some work there tonight. We just want to get our part done. Then it will be on everyone else to get it ready to move in.

Painted a spot on the side of the house, to see if that's the color we want. I'm sure it will be fine. Almost anything is better than the faded paint that is there now. Hoping Home Depot has another sale on paint soon.

Dh wants salad for dinner. I'm thinking tacos. If it's salad, then I need to get some things from the store. Dgd took my cucumber home. She loves cucumbers. She cleaned out my fridge on Sunday. She needed things to take home. Took my strawberries, which was a good thing because I didn't make the shortcake I was planning and we couldn't have eaten them all by ourselves.