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    Talking Tedious Tuesday

    Good morning ladies! Seems I have the same things on my list every day because I don't get to them. I'm gonna try hard today to get something done!

    Laundry-only 2 loads today!
    Put away groceries from yesterday *DONE
    Pay bills
    Clean up livingroom and ebay stuff
    Take pictures and list auctions
    Swiffer floor *DONE
    Plan crockpot dinner
    Clean out coat closet
    Ship ebay stuff
    Clean out van
    make baby wipes *DONE
    Clean kitchen windows and screens *DONE

    Let's see if I can trudge through this list! First I have to get off the computer!!

    Breakfast: Tea, scrambled egg and toast
    Lunch: Hot dog from last nights mystery shop
    Dinner: Salisbury Steak, spinach, noodles, salad

    Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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    I don't have too much planned for today--I think I have a sinus infection and/or cold plus it's gorgeous out, so I'll be spending a lot of time outside with the kids.

    On my list:
    -food shopping *done*
    -make brownies/treats for dh's lunch
    -plan WW meals for the rest of the week
    -put away lots of laundry

    I'm sure I won't get all of that done-I really just want to take a nap

    Have a good day everyone!


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    today wasn't all that busy just the usual make beds,feed kids,dishes,clean up kitchen and 2 loads of laundry.But we did go get the kids birthcertificates and enrolled dd up for prek.And headed to wal-mart for some groceries.Tomorrow will be way more busy

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