Frugal Tuesday!! :)
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    Smile Frugal Tuesday!! :)

    Frugal Tuesday!!
    So Far Today I have made Coffee for my DH!!
    I have made DH's Lunch!!
    I have changed DD's Diaper!!
    I have given DD her medicine!!
    Today I have to Cut More Coupons !! Done
    I have to go through the Coupons I don't need !! Done
    I have to wash clothes!! Almost Done
    I have to dry Clothes!! Almost Done
    I have to put up the Clean Clothes!!
    I have to make up the beds!! Done
    I have to go through DD's Clothes she can't wear anymore!!
    I have to put up the clothes she can wear in the proper places!!
    I have to organize and clean off the Kitchen Table!!
    So I must get going I hope to have a Very Frugal Tuesday!!
    I hope to get Freebies, Samples, and or Coupons in the Mail Today!! One Freebie Today no Coupons though!!
    Yesterday I recieved alot of Freebies,and Coupons!!
    Have A Great Frugal Tuesday!!

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    Happy Tuesday! Have lots to accomplish, some left from yesterday. The baby is finally letting me in the basement, so I've had 45 minutes for two days during her nap. Baby steps, but it is progressing.

    Feed baby *DONE
    Make bed and dust *DONE
    3 loads laundry *DONE
    dishes *DONE
    list auctions *DONE
    mail ebay stuff *DONE
    clean out refrigerator
    spend 15 minutes cleaning up in my flylady zone *DONE
    vacuum under couch cushions
    pay bills
    DD#2 band concert tonight *GETTING READY

    Breakfast: english muffin and tea
    Lunch: quesadillas
    Dinner: leftover lasagne, meatballs, salad, homemade bread

    Have a frugal day!

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    Busy day here.Finaly got back on track.Here's what i did/am doing today.

    Made beds
    washed dishes
    cleaned up kitchen
    vaccumed living room
    folded my mountain of laundry and put them away
    bleached all socks-still need to fold
    cleaned our room
    cleaned ds's room
    sent off car payment
    still need to,clean dd's room,make dinner,clean off back porch,clip coupons and finish working out(did half earlieer)

    LUNCH-tuna sandwiches

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