Tightwad Tuesday!
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    Talking Tightwad Tuesday!

    Morning Ladies!I'm up and ready to go this morning on only 5hrs of sleep.But I feel pretty good.busy day today.

    Make beds
    clean kitchen counters
    sweep and mop kitchen floor
    dust living room
    vac living room
    take out all trash
    clean desk
    clean up basement
    wash and hang atleast 2 loads of laundry
    fold laundry(this has become hard for me lol)
    Dr. appt for me at 2pm
    play with kiddies outside(make sure I wear shorts so I can get a tan)
    call maytag about fridge(keeps making this knocking sound)
    call visa to cancel credit card since it is paid off
    water flowers

    BREAKFAST-cinamin toast,apple slices
    LUNCH-tuna fish sandwhiches,peas and carrots
    DINNER-hamburger helper.

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    Smile Tightwad Tuesday!! :)

    Tightwad Tuesday!!
    Today I need to make up the beds!! Done
    I need to give DD her bath!!
    I need to wash some clothes!! Done
    I need to dry some clothes!! Done
    I need to put up the clean clothes!!
    I need to clean off the kitchen table!!
    I need to put something down for Supper Tonight!! Done
    I need to find something to fix for lunch!! Done
    I need to dust and probably vacuum as well!!
    I will most likely mop as well!!
    I hope today that I get freebies,samples,coupons in the mail today!! Today DD got another Birthday card and She got a package in the mail today that I can help her with!!
    Have a Great Tightwad Tuesday!!
    I need to get going and get started on my Daily Household Task!!

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    Didn't get much done today. I chaperoned a band/expo trip to the local mall with DD2.

    Swish and swipe bathroom *DONE
    feed baby *DONE
    make bed *DONE
    laundry *still in process
    VBS meeting at 7p.m. tonight

    Have a great day!

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    Gosh I haven't been here is such a long time, it seems the second that warm weather hits I am so busy.
    Today was good and bad
    Got up after 3 hours of sleep to take dd to her orthodotist appt the good is that she does have roots in her front two teeth (we were worried about this due to an extra set of teeth being up there stunning the growth of her "real" adult teeth) so we get to proceed on with braces.
    Bad is she got her spacers today and boy she doesn't take pain well at all, whiney and well just whiney, whiney, and more whiney.
    Another bad is we had to sign a financing contract for her braces they are going to cost 4000.00 insurance will only pay 1500.00 yuck.
    Went to Lowe's and bought the wood wax I need for my 1.50 auction find wooden dough bowl and a piece I need to reroute the water coming out of the gutter downspout that is drownding my mini rose bushes.
    Went to WM (boy I shouldn't have) picked up dd a swim suit hoping it would help make her feel better and get her off my back about when we were going to buy her one for this year. Spent too much money on just stuff.
    Came home unloaded car, cooked a frozen piazza for lunch and took a nap gosh I was tired.
    Woke up and made second pizza Per ds request for dinner and started putting my livingroom back together from cleaning carpets last night. Cleaned carpets in ds's and dd's room and as you can see even though I was tired I shouldn't of taken that nap. Up late.
    Glad to be back and hope I can have more extra time to be here more often.

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