Tightwad Tuesday!
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    Talking Tightwad Tuesday!

    Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!I am so worn out from it.Got most everything done yesterday evening so mostly play with the kids today.

    For today:
    wash,hang,fold about 6 loads of laundry
    clean up desk and basement
    make beds-done
    ballance check book-done

    Lunch-ravioli,salad for me
    Dinner-hamburger helper

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    Whew! They're gone! What a long weekend. Finally I can get something done!

    4 loads laundry
    make bed *DONE
    feed baby *DONE
    general pickup around house
    swish and swipe bathroom
    water flowers
    sweep off new decking
    mail ebay stuff
    list auctions

    Breakfast: Tea and ???
    Lunch: BLT
    Dinner: Something in the crockpot

    Have a great day!

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    Smile Today DD went for her 2 year old checkup and had to get 4 shots!! :(

    Today DD went for her 2 year old checkup and had to get 4 shots!!
    Given DD her medicine!!
    I have alot of things I must do today to be caught up from the Long Weekend My Family and I had!!
    I also need to cut and organize Coupons!!
    Have a Great Tightwad Tuesday!!

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    Today I've already:

    Vacuumed the house
    Cleaned up the house
    Rearranged the house to make more space in the living room.
    Made lunch for dh
    Changed a really yucky diaper/Fed the baby
    Played with Ayla about an hour of hide n seek/peek a boo/reading
    Did step aerobics for 50 minutes
    Played cards with my sister about an hour
    Fixed us lunch

    I still need to:

    Grocery Shop
    Get mail when it comes and look through any ads
    Take out all four trash bins to the road
    Put away clean dishes
    Wash dishes
    Do laundry (if the washer and dryer ever get's empty)
    Change sheets on the bed

    Breakfast- water and a couple bites of pancake w/ applesauce
    Lunch- Homemade refried beans, homemade rice, corn on the cob, chopped spinach, O.J.
    Snack- more beans and rice
    Dinner- will be leftovers or more beans and rice or both..oh and watermelon!

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    Doing even less today, recouping from last week and the visit. Me and DD slept really late, we stayed up way to late last night it is our fav thing to do is get in some girlie time while the guys sleep
    Ate a bagel & straw cream cheese mmmmm my fav
    Took a bath, shaved my legs, they really needed it itchy, itchy
    Got dd to get it together
    Went to PO to pick buy stamps and pay a bill
    Me and dd went to pittle at the GD-found a ceiling fan broom thing for 3.00 at Lowes they were 6.98
    Picked up ds from summer school (it's a program to do loads of fun stuff during the summer to keep the kiddos busy, not the norm summer school because of bad grades)
    Ran to WM (I don't know why I don't learn to stay out of that place) Purchased ds Harry Potter, a new pot for my tree that is root bound, some sculpey clay and a clay gun, some other stuff.
    Came home kids played with clay gun I got dinner started
    Cleaned up late night and breakfast dishes
    Running dishwasher
    Ran ds to bb game, to meet dh
    Came back home to finish dinner for after the game

    Purchased the clay because tomorrow dd gets her braces on and she won't be feeling like running around playing etc though this might help kill some miserable time for her.
    Decided last night to make stew today using the left over green beans and corn adding other veggies and when I woke up this morning it was raining so it turned out perfect.
    This is my day nice and boring again whewwww
    Have a nice evening

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