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    Quote Originally Posted by Jilly View Post
    I love your recommendations!! A few questions before I head out to HD...

    I have a fire place that I know for sure is a source of both cold/hot air flowing. Are there any solutions for keeping out the drafts?

    Can the bubble wrap be useful in the summer months for keeping out heat, or is it just for cold months?

    I live alone but have a fenced yard. Would you recommend me purchasing some sort of twine and stretching it across one side of the fence to another, or is there some special equipment I need to purchase to set up an outdoor clothes line?

    I have a pull down attic staircase. When I buy insulation, how should I attach to the door?

    Jilly -

    -Check with a fireplace professional about how to "fix" the fireplace. I'm sure they will have ideas for your particular situation for a draft stopper - hopefully something cheap and easy....

    -We leave the bubble wrap on windows we don't raise the blinds on - in the 3 bedrooms and 2 windows in the living room. We think it helps all year round. I'm a firm believe in layers of insulation when it comes to windows and the bubble wrap is just one of the layers that add to the R-value.

    -You can still find plastic line appropriate for clothes lines at most hardware stores - as well as all kinds of retractable lines that might work for you. Twine (jute) would quickly degrade from the elements and may leave stains on your wet clothes. Plastic clothes line is designed to be a thickness that is great to use with clothes and clothes pins.

    I have an umbrella clothes line in my yard - purchased at an ACE Hardware Store. They are easy to install. My only suggestion with an umbrella clothes line is to try and place it next to concrete - a patio or a sidewalk. You can stand on concrete to hang clothes. Much nicer than standing in dewy-wet grass in the back corner of the yard. Here's a nice little article that might give you some good ideas:

    -Attic door insulation. There are a lot of different systems.

    Good luck with your new TO-DO list!
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