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    Thanks, I just posted the other day that our first reading this morning was 50. :-(

    I'm not sure if we have a well pump, our water actually comes from the "main house" that is about 150 feet away.

    But we do have a heater under the cottage that comes on by itself to prevent the pipes from freezing. That may be part of the problem.

    My father gave us one of those oil filled electric heaters and says it will be cheaper to heat our bedroom with it.

    We are leaving for the day and will turn everything off and will not use the space heater tomorrow and will keep the heat on (what I think) is low to see how it changes.

    I will confess that I took two hot showers yesterday - and used the oven, and even left it on for an extra 15 mins by accident. :-(

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    Default our bill came in at 202

    and the first two weeks of this bill i was extremely tight with the electricity...the last two weeks i got lax...so this month i have let whoever do whatever they feel the need to do and when the bill comes in at close to $400...they will see it pays off to be the electricity police...the bill for 202 came yesterday and i made sure to tell dh wow not to bad just thinkif i had kept on you all month..So we shall see...

    I agree gmarie and niko if it was just me...i could so go without electricity....I have even thought about getting an extra old refrigerator to put in the snow bank in the winter and shut the one off in the house....dh doesnt agree with this...ugh! I am getting to a point though I am gonna do what i want to do and don't necessarily need anyones permission to do anything i want....can you tell its been almost 23 years...haha...

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    Last year I was not home three days of the week. So the electric bill was lower. I always like to compare the monthly bill with the bill for last year. I noticed that this year the bill was higher and realized I was not home as much. So I keep one tv off unless I am watching it. It is plugged into a power strip. At night I make sure both tvs are turned off on the power strip when I go to sleep. Believe it or not just doing this made the electric go down to the same rate that I paid last year.

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