Faxing over VOIP systems
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    Default Faxing over VOIP systems

    I'm looking into canceling my home phone. No one calls it with the exception of telemarketers and my mom. The one thing that has held me up is that we occasionally need to fax items. Has anyone had any success using a VOIP service to send/receive faxes?

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    We use a VOIP for all telephone calls at my office. When researching to find a good plan found out that there are alot of free fax plans for VOIP if you are only faxing a few items a month. We are using ringcentral for our plan at the office and it saved about $200/ month on the phone service.

    Good luck

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    I have Google Voice voip (with Obi100) and I don't think you can fax with it.

    I have seem someone mention on another forum that there are websites out there that you can fax with for free, you upload a pdf and they fax it for you. I haven't tried them but a quick web search turns up several of those services.

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    I have used various free web services to send faxes. I just scan my document (if it isn't already digital) on my printer and then upload it to the site.
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