Anybody got any tips they can share on saving money with DirecTV?
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    Default Anybody got any tips they can share on saving money with DirecTV?

    I am currently paying $30 for the family pack plus $3 for the whole house DVR plus $12 for 3 receivers equals $45/month plus tax. Even though I am not under contract I cannot change to a different service (job related).

    Would anyone know of any coupons or package deals I could apply to lower my monthly payment?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    Did you call them and ask? If you aren't under contract, I would call and see what they can do. If they can't do anything, then politely "threaten" to cancel, saying you can't afford it anymore. That is what I do with various companies and it usually results with them lowering my bill so I will stay as a customer. If they call my bluff, then I say something like let me talk to my husband one more time lol (since I don't ACTUALLY want to cancel lol). Your price is pretty good though so I don't see them lowering it but I don't know about DT. You can always cancel it and just get a Roku.

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