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    I've been thinking about things we do in our home that we may be better of using another thing for. Wait, that sounded confusing. I saw the post earlier about how much everything uses, but I'm easily confused (yeeeeaaa....). So I was wondering if anyone could give me a simple "this or that" response to these...some I'm pretty sure about, but I'd still like the reassurange...

    For keeping the house cool:
    Floor fan OR air conditioning

    For drying clothes *in the dryer*:
    Medium-High heat OR High heat (or does it not matter because one just takes longer?)

    Those are the two ones I'm thinking of right now. I know I had more, but it's been a long day haha

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    I use ceiling fans with my a/c and heat to keep cost down. I turn my ac down at night and use a floor fan to help keep me cool in my BR. I also use a humidifier in the house in the winter to make me feel warmer, thus helping me save money on heating. In FL, it's hard to deal with the heat without at least some a/c.

    I use my dryer on medium heat, simply because the high heat breaks down your clothes fibers faster, so using medium heat makes clothes last longer (I'm not a fashionista, you can tell)

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