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    Default Cruise

    to Alaska. My son is going on a cruise to Alaska. Any advise??

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    Is this your first cruise? What cruise line are you cruising? Are you questioning about Alaska or about cruising?

    I have been on two prior cruises and Im booked for another in Sept. I have never been to Alaska but that will be a future trip for us. is a go site to go to. Alot of Info about cruising.

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    Take lots of pictures.

    Preplan shore excursions to do what he will enjoy the most. If he is active and takes advantage of the excursions, a late dinner seating is better so there is time to freshen up. The 6pm seatings are a bit of a rush when you get back onboard at 530.

    I took a 3 hr glacier trek where they outfitted me with gear, helicoptered us to the glacier peaks and we hiked around for 3 hrs. It is spellbinding beauty. (oh, and there is nothing like the feeling of watching that helicopter leave you just moments after you climb out of it!!!!)

    See as much of the ports as possible. Life on a liner is pretty routine... eat, nap, stroll, eat, stroll, nap...... It is like being a cat.

    I hope he has a wonderful trip.

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    Cruise critic for sure......there is a forum called roll call there. You can 'meet' others that are taking the same cruise and if you want you can meet up with them onboard (or not, lol). There's tons'o info there too. Most important thing, starve before you go......(or he) gonna need some bigger breeches when ya get home......

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