Our youngest daughter lives in a college town (attended said college and so did ds and ddil). We follow their sports teams on tv and in the newspaper and usually attend 1 football game, sometimes 1 basketball game per year. Ssoooo as our team is doing well, we chose a game early on and asked some friends who also have grads from same town to go with us. They said yes, we got tickets for last Saturday. My bff from 5th grade also went with us. Sssoooo Gripey, bff and myself stayed at dd's house (the other family also had family to stay with). We cooked breakfast and lunch at home and had a leisurely morning. Did a tiny bit of shopping and car hunting (I'm eventually gonna get another used car but in no hurry, just trying to decide what I want when the time comes), test drove a few. Then we went back to her house and started on our backyard 'tailgate' party. Everyone came over for bbq'd burgers, chips, dips, cookies, etc..... . I think it cost about $80 for all the food for 10 people. We then walked to the game, had pretty good tickets for $65 ea.. Walked home, ate more of the snack foods (almost completely finishing them off, just right ). We slept kinda late yesterday morning and went out for lunch. Headed home there after. It was a really nice, not very expensive fun filled weekend. Oh, our team won.....by a lot. May even be ranked #1 in the nation now .

The moral of the story...You can do something that normally costs a pretty penny for not a lot of money if you plan in advance, make preparations and shop ahead and then just enjoy the 'together' time most of all.