Going to Arizona... Need your tips...
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    Default Going to Arizona... Need your tips...

    We will be going to visit my father in Feb. in the Pheonix area. This is the first family vacation we have ever gotten to take and I am so excited. So I need tips on keeping this trip frugal, what to see while we are there, and how to keep 4 young kids happy in the van for 2 solid days.TIA
    P.s. My dad has a new quilter's sewing machine for me when I get there. He also has a bunch of quilts that my grandmother made before she passed.

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    Whew mylitte4, your children are young. But it can be done!

    Meals are the most expensive. Take a cooler with you and pack sandwich makings, fruit (nothing to messy) etc.

    Don't forget, they will be extremely bored! You can make each child an activity pack. Put things each child likes in a large zip baggie and write their name on it. Cards, coloring books and crayons, whatever they like that is easy to carry.

    Also thier own pillow, stuffed animal and possibly a blanket.

    Here is a website to make a Quillow for each child. They fold back up into themselves when not in use. They could sit on them and use them for a cushion. Not the little ones in car seats though. http://www.blaze.net.au/~fthorne/craft/quillow.html

    Here is another website I found with some great advice. http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/901288661.html

    If you are staying in a hotel, pick one that lets your children stay and eat free (usually breakfast). If you need a cot, you may be charged around $10 I think.

    I don't know anything about Arizona, but it sounds like a fun destination. Make the children part of the planning, not too soon or you may not hear the end of it!

    Hope you have a great time!


    I forgot, don't forget to bring some of those wet wipes (either purchased or HM) or you could just dampen and couple of wash cloths and put in a ziplock sandwich bag, they will stay wet a long time. A must for sticky faces and hands.

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    i think the best tip i can think of, is first make sure your van is up do date on all it's maininance, get the water/oil checked, etc...brakes checked, nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of no where and have to pay whatever they charge ...I don't know much about cars so I don't really know what i'm talking about, only that most long trips *something seems to go wrong with the car along the way..not sure if it can be prevented all the time though

    For the kids in the car, felts maybe...and always those games like finding alphbets in the signs and making a game out of it...other games where you try and start a story each one adding on a sentence or a word, then the next person to go has to say it all from the beginning.. you know those games I talk of right?
    Maybe headphones for the older kids...

    I think I really liked ghost town (if that's the right state i'm thinking of) and of course the grand canyon..i can't remember what else there is, besides flagstaff for skiing

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