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    I would like to know what you guys do to save money on transport.

    Personally I'm obsessed with finding the cheapest route anywhere (I'm sure you all are).
    I used to work in central London where I would get the tube, but decided to do a trial of 2 buses to work instead. The London mayor brought in a cool thing last year where you can your second bus journey free, as long as it was within an hour of you getting the first bus. Of course this took much longer than the tube or train, especially on the way home, which was annoying, but I cut my commute price in half.

    When travelling by train in the uk, there are some really cool websites to help you save money - like ticketclever. In the UK sometimes it is cheaper to buy two tickets for the same journey rather than one (it's so stupid), so there are some websites that find the cheapest ticket combination.

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    I had never heard of sites which tell you the cheapest way to travel...that is too cool.

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