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    Default Planning Ahead

    A trip to my local used book store several years ago has made every trip since better and better.
    I picked up (over time) several books that have made trip planning and taking much easier.
    Books Number One was Roadfood By Jane and Mitchael Stern this has become our eatout book. When ever I come across a magazine article about an intresting or good place to eat I tear it out and place it in this book. The book is broken down by states so I just file it under the proper state. When we travel to that area we open the book and try a new place.

    Book Number Two is Uncommon and Unheralded Museums By Beverly Narkiewicz and Lincoln Bates. Again a book broken down by states. This book gets notes about factory tours and odd places to go and unsual things to do.

    Book Number Three is National Parks of the US By National Geographic
    More articles go in here

    Book Number Four Directory to US Flea Markets
    This book also gets articles added to it. Plus it carries postit notes about items that family members and friends are looking for. Like DS who is trying to fill out a dish collection which pieces she's looking for.

    All these books live in "The MAp Bag" a cavas sack with the the State of Florida on it. This bag lives in our van hanging off the back seat.
    Magazine articles come from all sorts of magazines picked up from freecycle.

    We purchased a new Rand McNally Road Atlas this year as the 1998 one was falling apart. The mapbook is filled with notes also. Highlighter marks show the roads we have taken over the years. Always take a different path! Pen notes in margins tell of which exit something to do is at.

    Just alittle planning can make every trip fun and intresting.

    We have also added books on things that intrest us. Like Gardens to visit, Hiking Paths throughtout the US and Historic Homes. Keeping an eye peeled for these types of books will help to make all trips better.

    Laurie in Bradenton

    Daughter says she travels with Nerds because of all the books. But she loves to make comment notes in them about places we've seen and things we've done. Another nerd is born!

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    Sounds like a great plan of attack Laurie. We have an atlas in each auto and save all the brochures for places we want to go to or re-visit and go through them when we're planning a trip like say to DC. We'll pull those out and take them along with us. We keep numbers of hotels we've stayed at and liked as well. It never hurts to be prepared when you go on the road and you're right a little preparation makes a LOT of difference.

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    What a great idea Laurie!

    I just started a Vaca w/ the Kids savings account at ING and now I can start my own Map Bag with the books you mentioned and some of the maps we already own.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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