I feel guilty for planning a vacation.....
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    Cool I feel guilty for planning a vacation.....

    But we REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get away even if it's for the weekend. I start googling information and then I have this overwhelming voice saying "tsk tsk tsk"..... UGH

    Has anyone ever battled that feeling before?

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    I do. I'm planning our big vacation to Florida, which is coming up in less than 2 months. I feel kind of guilty about it, but we're both so incredibly stressed out, we're going to explode if we don't get some relaxation. Just try to make it as frugal as possible, and you won't feel so bad. We're actually staying with my family, so we won't have to pay for lodging, and most of the activities I have planned are very cheap or free, so our biggest expense is plane tickets and rental car.

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