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Yesterday 12:00 PM
 I'm ( fill in the blank) and this is 2020
Thought we had paid off one bill, but I guess there were some charges that came in after. We had drop shipped something to ds and I guess it took a while before it posted. Luckily it's a no... (294 views, 17 replies)
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Yesterday 11:57 AM
 Simple Saturday 2020
Another day staying home most of the day. Thought I would be getting out today, but dh took my car again. The windshield still has snow/ice on it and he didn't have time to deal with it before... (12 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 11:40 AM
 2020 Grocery Budget Challenge
Safeway is having 50 cent sale so I will take advantage of that. Lots of stores also having "superbowl" type sales including chili ingredients. Which are also good meatloaf and meatball ingredients. (273 views, 24 replies)
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Yesterday 10:19 AM
 Money needed to retire in every state...
Anything done by state is going to be not terribly useful. The cost of living varies depending on what part of the state you live in. In some states, this varies by quite a lot. Glancing at the... (26 views, 1 replies)