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Today 03:45 AM
 Little Known Secrets
I've been away from FV for entirely too long... just spent 2 hours reading all these tips... wonderful ideas. (69,572 views, 171 replies)
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Today 02:20 AM
 2020 Frugal Challenge
GB- Let us know how your trip went. Be safe out there. SD- owl light sounds cute. CH- Hope you're feeling better. Peg- Good idea to get to a hotel. Our power went out (years ago) as I put more... (14,468 views, 960 replies)
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Yesterday 08:20 PM
 The Slow Slog....
Got some folklore research in this evening. I hope by letting it stew a bit, I'll be able to work it into one of my WIPs. I think being able to do the research and write at home has helped keep the... (4,799 views, 82 replies)
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Yesterday 02:19 PM
 I'm ( fill in the blank) and this is 2020
we are status quo. Just working.DS2 started working then taken off schedule so laid off. But I was able to get him transferred. I'd like to sell a rental but DH refuses. It never made the profit of... (1,575 views, 53 replies)
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Yesterday 01:16 PM
 2020 House Purge / Declutter Challenge
I reorganized some furniture and now have a small, empty dresser. Got rid of some beauty products and old paper and magazines. (2,011 views, 64 replies)
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Yesterday 08:04 AM
 2020 Try New Recipes Challenge
Trying this tonight - over polenta instead of pasta. Sausage and pumpkin. (1,136 views, 37 replies)