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Contrary Housewife
Today 10:40 AM
 I will never be able to reply to any posts here - So this is my farewell
IIRC posts in General Chat don't count toward your 10 posts. Have you tried contacting Admin? They do eventually respond. It's relatively easy to make posts in other parts of the forums and... (19 views, 1 replies)
New Thread
Today 09:25 AM
 Re Torn Jeans
I think wearing torn jeans means 2 things to me (1) that you can't afford anything better or (2) is a sign of a low self esteem. I feel the same way about those pajama pants. I could NEVER go out... (7 views, 0 replies)
New Thread
Today 09:19 AM
 In Response to the Post Don't Understand Quarantine etc.
Sorry, haven't reached my 10 post limit yet. The people who don't seem to understand this are most probably people who don't live in hot spot areas like I do (Westchester County, NY). If they... (14 views, 0 replies)
New Post
Today 07:42 AM
 5 Frugality Myths Americans Believe That Would Make Ben Franklin Cry
What motivates you is an interesting question. Money for travel is listed quite often. But I am not super interested in travel. My ideal would be simply to live in a place with events and... (58 views, 4 replies)