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    Lightbulb Hershey Roses

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    These are so cool. I have seen these before, but didn't know how to make them. I think I might make a few for my dh.

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    Default Chocolate Rose Buds

    Materials Needed
    1 Flower Wire
    1 flower leaf
    1 Hershey Kisses
    1 4" X 4" piece of red cellophane
    Flower tape
    Thin wrapping wire

    Make a small eye hook at the top of the flower wire and wrap with flower tape leaving a few centimeters at the top for the insertion.
    Stick the flower wire into flat end of Hershey's kiss.
    Dip kisses into various flavors of chocolate or dribble onto the kiss with a spinning motion using a spoon or similar instrument.
    Allow to dry.
    Using the red cellophane, cut triangle shapes, allowing some extra to tie around the flower wire just below the Hershey kiss base, which is now your rose bud.
    Lay rose bud onto cellophane, and tie a small ribbon around the base of the cellophane so that your rose bud rests on it.
    Arrange leaves.

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